A new book by Kate Saunders

Published by Madville Publishing (August 2020)
The front cover of Kate Saunders' adoption memoir, Stand in the Traffic: A Himalayan Adoption Story
Front cover of Kate Saunders’ memoir about her international adoption

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Stand in the Traffic:
A Himalayan Adoption Story

by Kate Saunders

978-1-948692-22-9 paper 20.95
978-1-948692-23-6 ebook 9.99
6×9, 300 pp.
August 2020

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Kate is a thirty-something-year-old adventurer and single mother who sells her stateside business to go to Kathmandu, Nepal with her young son, Jack. Her intention is to adopt an orphaned toddler named Devi, a little girl she knows only from a photograph. The expedition ends up completely redirecting Kate’s moral compass and forcing her to find peace within chaos. Stand in the Traffic is the story of Kate’s year long journey through culture shock, paperwork delays, and revolution. As the days drift by, Kate struggles to connect with the stoic little girl whose charcoal eyes and visible scars betray her elusive past.

In Stand in the Traffic, Kate’s fresh, engaging voice speaks to women’s issues, parenting, politics, and adventure travel. Readers will be captivated by Kate and her family. Unlike other adoption retrospectives, this is not the dry, drawn out account of bureaucracy and childlessness, but rather a heart-pounding journey to the land of rickshaw wallahs and orange-clad saddhus, incense laden temples, and sly street dogs. As the months unfold, Kate finds herself contentedly immersed in Devi’s vibrant culture, in spite of the revolution brewing just down the lane. Kate’s story of immersion in a foreign culture leads readers into an enchanted dreamscape.

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